Study programs based on GA

I was wondering if there are any study programs based on GA or if anything like that might be in the works.
With an increased interest lately, particularly in applications of Clifford algebras, and a great community of top scientists and engineers, I think this would be a great thing, especially for the next generation, as learning 5 mutually redundant math languages /formalisms for one piece of code or physics only to have to unlearn all that to use a natural framework in GA is not really inspiring to say the least.
It would also give the experts a platform to share their knowledge and work efficiently with students on applications and further research, just for start of a practically endless list of potential benefits for the field and community.
I imagine there would also be many practical hurdles, but if anything can be done to contribute to such a project financially or otherwise, I’d be the forts to enlist.

No, real study programs fir GA don’t exist, academia is mostly obsolete garbage at this current time. For example, I was suspended from academia in 2019 for writing an email about my Grassmann.jl project, because academia is a backwards environment focused on retarding people instead of enabling them to advance science. I have zero confidence in academia being able to facilitate the future of scientific advancement. In the 21st century, academia is so outdated and obsolete, instead people will just simply directly learn whatever they want without the approval of a bureaucrat. If you are waiting for some bureaucrat to facilitate your scientific advancement, you will not get anywhere because the bureaucrat’s job is only about telling you what you can’t do. Academic bureaucrats can only restrict you and retard you and all they can do is tell you that academia can’t be adapted to your needs. These academic bureaucrats are themselves retarded because they are like zoo animals in a cage and the students are the visitors at the zoo. They are like crabs in a bucket mentality, when somebody like me comes along with sophisticated computational geometric algebra, they want to pull me back down into the bucket instead of letting me escape the crab bucket to be free. Academics all get jealous and stomp their boots on innovators like me because they are crabs in a bucket.

Personally, I used to want to help spread geometric algebra, but because of academic assholes, I am no longer motivated to help other people out there. Academia is nothing but a bunch of competitve assholes on an egotistical power trip who think they can stomp out anyone competition who they don’t like by use of authoritarian bureaucracy. In the future, academic bureaucracy will be completely bypassed, as retarding other people from their potential is counter productive.

I would be more motivated to help spread GA again if I could get some sufficient funding instead of being a poor person who was exiled and excluded by academic pricks. You can support me at

However, I’m gonna need a full salary, as the small money I am getting now is insufficient to motivate me to make my work more accessible as a free access professional product with tutorials.

Well that’s my point, you’re not the first nor the last who will be stomped over by the academic machinary, this is how they operate, everything from the PhD programs, to the publications, positions, it’s all super sketchy to say the least.

Why is it so impossible then, with such a passionate commutty and the greatest math /science field ever, to do something about this, and bypass all that, create own academic institutions with their own funding, I’m sure there is great potential for this.

Iv seen some of your work on yt on aerospace applications and it’s brilliant, everybody knows, even birds on trees, that academia is in the way of scientific progress. Spreading the word on GA is great, but unless the community unites behind a common ground nothing will change.

I have been doing my own thing for years and bypassing the bureaucrats who want to tell me what I can’t do. I also set up the patreon so people can help fund it.

Nobody is funding it because it’s an academic field, and academics want each other to be poor and underpaid.

But that’s the thing, everybody doing their own thing, no pun intended…
Not everybody in academia is bad, and there are many brilliant free thinkers who have positions in top universities and are lucky enough to pursue what they love at least to an extent. But outside a few conferences here and there, the GA community, the true scientific community ( more in that in my previous post),is too divided to make more of an impact.
So the crazy idea is, why not just establish something, it may be a 3 year GA STEM program in the university of Bangladesh for all I care, just something where experts in the field could fullfil Grassmans dream and come together to share their knowledge and further the continuing the legacy of true scientufic research that ended abruptly with Clifford’s death.,

I’m sure many people would be interested in participating whether as experts or students, me inuded, and I’d pay my tuition no mater what ud cost, Iv always had a dream of studying real physics and mathematics outside the MATRIX,
that not based on arbitrary charts, atlases coordinates etc.

After a while I believe it could even get self funded eventually , especially if more application oriented.

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Even with conferences the “community” is divided. Conferences are just a bunch of garbage where people self-congratulate themselves for doing a bit of GA for a few minutes and then go their own way.

That’s what I’m saying a conference here and there is not making much of an impact. There are a few graduate level courses and projects that are based on GA that pop up from time to time, but wouldn’t it be awesome if a whole 3 year program in any STEM field was made and it can even have the same subjects and same standard study topics as mainstream, just with everything in GA, so for example you’re still doing linear algebra in programing just the GA way, or say vector fields calculations, but actually doing ga in disguise. So much effort is lost in redundant math language that mostly amounts to juggling with baggage of arbitrary coordinate jiberish, if this can be bypassed by creating a solid base for the community in shape of some college experimental program, this would be a game changer.

Academic bureaucrats only care about telling you what you can’t do, which you obviously don’t understand. They have a “can’t do attitude”, they are only capable of telling you that the bureaucracy can’t be adapted to your needs, especially if you are white and male. What you’re proposing is against the interest of academic bureaucrats, they don’t want powerful knowledge in your heads, they only want you to be obedient and restricted.

The whole point of having an academic bureaucracy is to be able to tell people you can’t do X. Otherwise people would be able to learn whatever they want. This is against the interest of academia, because the whole point of it is to artificially inflate the egos of a few select people while handing out a worthless garbage degree.

But there are a lot of people in the community who do have sway in the academia to help establish a sub program based on GA that could even pass under the radar of academic oversight.
But I do agree that the very core of what academia is truly about underneath the fasade is really just exactly the opposite to genuine scientific inquiry, and it may indeed be fundamentally incompatible with the growth of anything of real depth and value.
So then there is the option of a completely independent, private GA college.

In the meantime, is there anything I could start with myself, like get a certificate in some IT field like image processing, computer graphics, etc and maybe invest in a startup that deals with GA?

I have already provided you with links where you can fund my GA project, I only earn $20 per month right now, I don’t know if anyone else is seeking funding, I know @enki is some kind of millionaire or something so he doesn’t need money.

But the links are not really a startup, from what Iv seen, I’m interested in image processing, graphics etc… Something that could eventually give money in return and not be pure research that relies in funding constantly.

Before you can do image processing with GA you need a performance implementation of geometric algebra. That’s what I work on, I implement geometric algebra for numerical computing, so that it could be used for whatever purpose you want. If you can provide me a full salary to focus on image processing, I’d look into it, otherwise I just focus on my own research obviously.

Currently, I dont get paid to do this, so obviously I dont produce code that’s commercial quality to make money with, I just do whatever I find fun and interesting. If somebody wants me to make a commercial product to make money obviously I’d need a full salary.

So aren’t there any companies that would be interested in your work ?

That was my idea that GA would quickly display its power in practical applications and would begin to be taught in IT shoools and that’s how the field would flourish outside inertial academia.

But of all the pros of GA, the ultimate and main one for me is that it just the very core fundamental algebra of geometry itself, any geometry, and thus it has the effortless power to compute without anything non intrinsic or non canonical to geometry, like a particular set of basis vectors.
Of course to relate data to a screen u need some coordinates, but the computations should ideally not use them, just apply on vectors /points or whatever geometric object you need without using a basis, cause every time you do you invariably introduce complications due to arbitrary choices.

I think if you want to do intrinsic Diff geo, it has to be conformal or projective Diff geometric algebra, so that you can write down your metric( tensor) without basis vectors. If you could do that then you would find a truly max efficient system that would be best for applications and research in math. Physics cause you’d never be dealing with arbitrary choice artifacts…

I was hired by Stephen Wolfram to work on Mathematica, but my geometric algebra work was supposed to remain my personal hobby because GA is not mainstream and internal company politics. Stephen Wolfram mainly only cares about his Wolfram Physics Project and his perspective on what’s important. Having someone like me higher up in the hiearchy would threaten other managers and so on.

Julia Computing blacklisted me from contributing, they are upset that I’m a privileged heterosexual white male who had the time to do programming. It’s more important for them to make sure I’m excluded than to concern themselves with what the value of my work is.

Don’t know what’s going on with other companies, let me know if you think there’s a company that is willing to put someone like me in charge of programming GA for them.

If I was a black lesbian woman, I’m sure they’d encourage me to do whatever I want, regardless of how useful it is or what my personality is.

Logic and science doesn’t matter anymore in today’s companies and universities, what’s most important is who you have sex with and what color your gender skin is or whether you bow down to their political whims.

They don’t want more white males to be leaders. Geometric algebra is a very white male thing.

Wow, that sounds crazy,almost satirical, hence I tend to believe you as Iv seen these things play out like that, but didn’t know it reached math research in that way. I donk know how is GA is a white male thing, technically then all math is, except maybe some prime counting and modular functions of Ramanujan…
I know wolframs work, he seems he’ll bent on his graph theory unification, it’s good that he thinks outside the box and is not quite in the hard grips of academia, but even if one leaves academic idiocy, Academic idiocy never quite leaves him…
Keep your head hight, I’ll give my best to make something happen in Croatia, I’ll be talking to some professors soon on the issue, maybe something good can start here if the spider web has not quite settled strongly yet, I cannot imagine such potential in GA would be left untapped for much longer, especially with the ever growing IT sector in perpetual need for innovation.

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Here in america it’s apparently against the law to have too many white males in any formal setting, including math research, math research is not exempt. So hiring somebody who happens to be a white male is more expensive because for each white male you also need to hire a certain amount of black lesbian women. It’s not a joke, this is real.

Yea, Iv seen the s press secretary, I know the situation is fd up., but it’s been that way since time immemorial, science and progress have always been facing adversity from the status quo. Just keep working on what you love, maybe you still have some mistakes to coorect, some misconceptions to clear up, and this blockade might be a blessing in disguise.

Here is a link you may find interesting

Those people talk about joining forces, but they’re not joining forces with anyone, it’s all a bunch of academics self congratulating themselves as far as I can tell.