YOU can transform Grassmann.jl community

It’s always been my hope that there would be a research community which builds up around Grassmann.jl with peoples examples and more.

I’m not really a community builder, I’m a software builder, I built the software, you are the “community”

It’s up to the people who want to form a Grassmann.jl community to give it character.

I never intended to be THE person to give “character” to the community, I’m just building the software. I am a technical innovation leader, but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a marketing public relations person.

YOU have to give character to the Grassmann.jl community by contributing to it and transforming it.

YOU are the people who give “character” to the Grassmann.jl community.

Currently, the community attitude is that people hate me and want to exclude me … and I reflect that back.

YOU are the ones who transform the Grassmann.jl community… I am only a single individual who has been isolated by academia, industry, etc.

I have done very much to TRANSFORM the geometric algebra community, injected huge amount of inspiration and reference algorithms to share, it’s been a lot of thankless work.

Instead of a community of Grassmann.jl users, I ended up with a bunch of copy cat imitation projects, a bunch of people all trying to be like me and imitate me, but not a community working together.

Imitating me, copying my project, trying to be like me … NONE of that is cool, it’s lame and pathetic. Build something new on Grassmann.jl and advance, don’t be a lame person copying my project step by step.

Of course, I acknowledge I’m not a community builder, I don’t like people who TRY so hard to be popular, so you won’t see my trying to be popular by forming my personality around social popularity.

YOU could contribute to my project and transform it by engaging with the project.

If you envision the Grassmann.jl community to be a certain kind of community, then maybe YOU could engage with the project to transform the community.

I do not get PAID to be friendly to random strangers who want to copy my project and imitate my design, and some of these people refuse to acknowledge that they took inspiration from my project.

When people copy pieces of code, violate the license, and don’t even acknowledge the inspiration, it makes for a very nasty community. This has happened.

YOU could bring a different energy to the Grassmann.jl community by bringing yourself to the table and transforming the Grassmann.jl community.

Hello, I am watching the presentations of grassmann you’ve uploaded on your youtube channel. I would be interested in collaborating, I am kind of loner my self. You could perhaps teach me some GA in the process?
Or perhaps we could do remote pair programming exercices?
I guess there are online tools for doing this?

Anyway, from what I have read in your contributor request posts on github, it seems to me you are looking for people to come up with ideas and provide examples that could demonstrate the many features of the library?
This sounds like a fun task!

Here is a loose artsy idea i have:
What if we could make a synthesizer or audio signal processor, where audio signals is represented by vertices on a (higher than three) dimensional polytope projected into its 3d. A camera in higher dimensional space could then control the result of the projection into 3d. Then a a signal on a vetex could modulate the signal on its neighbor connected vertices with different amplitudes depending of the distance between connected vetices. I think this kind of crossmodulation could be achived by having each signal node to have two output channels, one for the unmodulated signal and one for the modulated signal. Perhaps it could sound interesting.

@WhiteEyes that sounds like an interesting project idea, I also have ideas about how higher dimensions could be used for audio signals. However, I always imagined that I would use a different programming language than Julia for that for various reasons.

Please note that while I am inviting people to engage and get involved, I am not offering personalized teaching experiences for free, and I am not offering pair programming services for free. I am also not offering friendship beyond online acquaintances.

When I teach people something, it’s not because I want to spend all day explaining stuff to strangers for free, I’m just simply engaging in discussion at my own discretion. Please don’t expect anything from me. Your project idea is interesting and I like it, but just because I like it, that doesn’t mean I have infinite time for everybody’s project. My own research agenda is what I need to work on, and I am willing to engage and respond to other people who want to work with Grassmann.jl too … just don’t expect that you will get a free coworker without paying salary.

If you want to do pair programming with me, then you need to pay me large sums of money as a salary.

Also, I’m not interested in friendship, especially not with people who use my software. I don’t form friendships over math or software, I keep my personal life entirely separate from anything related to math or software. While I share some of my personal history online, I’m not doing it to form friendships.

I am overwhelmed with my own research, which is very difficult and requires my full attention.

People can try to get involved with Grassmann.jl and engage with me, that’s all possible, but don’t expect anything … especially if it’s a big complicated idea requiring months or years of work and engagement.

You can send me a private message about your project idea and we’ll see if I can be of assistance, but don’t expect anything.