Why i dont share cool math stuff

It’s certainly true that my complaints on the internet are futile and will not help me out in my career.

So why do I continue doing something futile?

It’s no fun to share cool math concepts if everything about society and academia is stupid.

The reason is because there is nothing for me to lose, I am already way past the point of no return.

There aren’t any institutions, workplace, whatever, for me to get involved in, so what else is there, other than to complain about it occasionally?

Blah blah blah blah.

I will keep on saying blah blah complaint.


I’m bored of it as well, but when there’s nothing else to talk about anymore, this is all that’s to say.

Academia doesn’t provide an environment for me to do my math work, so of course you will see me complaining about it whenenever i feel like it.

Academic institutions were built and constructed as a place for people to work on things like math.

So yea, if that’s no longer available, and there isn’t any other place to work on math, then of course a math person is going to keep complaining.

Where is the workplace to do serious work on math? It’s all a bunch of crappy office politics out there, nothing that I will ever participate in.

It’s something worth mentioning, I believe, but I find it quite boring and repetitive.

Even though this path leads nowhere, there isn’t anything else to talk about …

I don’t post cool math ideas anymore, because we dont have a workplace that actually pays people.

It’s no fun to share cool math concepts if everything about society and academia is stupid.

At some point a decade later you just want to burn it all down and destroy it all.

Temperate your desires, did you not say you were a buddhist?

In buddhism we do not suppress our thoughts or desires, in fact it’s the opposite, we let our thoughts and desires come and go.

If I desire to burn down all of civilization and to start over from scratch, then I acknowledge that.

People in power don’t want to acknowledge these desires and suppress them, which is what causes the issues in the first place.

You don’t seem to know much about buddhism.

When you suppress discussion, eventually the only action possible is violence. I have never suppressed the discussion about these issues. If you are the one suppressing this, then you are the one who desires a violent outcome.

Quickest way for an establishment to become irrelevant is to suppress people’s desires and thoughts. When you suppress every opportunity to discuss the problem, your establishment is becoming irrelevant.