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Summer of Math Education

It’s exciting to see that Geometric Algebra is back on an upward path.

Grant Sanderson is 3Blue1Brown on Youtube, and he and others are inviting submissions for their “Summer of Math Education”. There’s a video about it at Why aren't you making math videos? (Also, a 3b1b podcast) - YouTube, but relevant links appear below the video (hit the “MORE” button). Deadline is August 22. Well, it’s a locked-down winter where I am, but I’m planning to do a submission.
My video will be “Geometric Algebra for High School”, and I’m hoping to concentrate on geometric understanding. If anyone is willing to review my submission before it goes in, then let me know.
Other folk might like to put in a more high-powered submission, which is more what they’re looking for.

Hello. I was actually going to suggest GA (and PGA and other bases) as content for the contest. I’m not learned enough to do it myself, though, for sure. So, in short, I want to review your work if it helps :slight_smile:
Don’t be discouraged about power/quality/polish.

There’s nothing like preparing an educational video to make you realise that you don’t understand stuff as well as you thought. So I might not get there. But I encourage others!