Specific line will not render?

Hi Guys… Great tool and appreciate all the work you have put into it… amazing!

Using the source below, line l1 will not display, although its associated tag will display?
Am I missing some basic principle of Clifford PGA ?

The other thing I dont understand is that when l2 renders, it does not appear to go through the two points used to create it in a join function. Am I missing some key concept here??


  var point      = (x,y,z)=>!(1e0 + x*1e1 + y*1e2 + z*1e3),
      join       = (p1,p2)=>p1&p2;

  var P1 = point(0,0,1),  P2 = point(1,1,0),
      P3 = point(1,0,1),  P4 = point(2,1,0);

  var l1 = join( P1,P2 ),
      l2 = join( P3,P4 );
    return [
      "Why Line l1 Won't render??s",
      0xFF0000,l1,"Where is line l1?",l2,"l2 Ref orthog line", // Text renders in about correct place?
  },{grid:true, labels:true,lineWidth:3, h:-0.4, p:-0.05, scale:1.01, animate:true}));


I am just another user, but I note that in my code, I use
return this.graph(()=>{
instead of your document.bodu construction, and that works.