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Searching For a Geometric Algebra Graphics Package

I’ve written a program in Python using the “clifford” package for geometric algebra, “matplotlib” for graphics, and “animation” package that produces mp4s using “ffmpeg.” While I can view the mp4s, many programs either won’t accept them or produce nonsense. Also, the interface between matplotlib and animation is so dodgy that I can’t animate much other than ellipses.

Could anyone recommend a system that isn’t so crude? I don’t feel committed to Python, I could translate the whole program to some other language if that would help.

There is a Python interface to Blender, but this interface is undocumented and notoriously difficult to learn. Besides, Blender seems to require a major investment to do even the simplest thing. Would it be worth it?

Ganga.js is pretty solid, depending on what you want to do. Have you checked out the coffeeshop?

I’ve been using the autogenerated python code from Ganga inside Rhino/Grasshopper, which could certainly be used to do animation. Like any API there is a time investment in learning it and frankly Rhino’s API is a bit of a mess so it has a slightly steeper learning curve.

Rhino uses IronPython, which is limited to Python 2, but the generated Ganga code will run in either Python 2 or 3. I haven’t used Clifford specifically because of the difficulties of interfacing it and other external libraries with IronPython inside of Rhino.