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Multivector Momentum and physical units

I had this thought: We have momentum which is a vector, and angular momentum which is a bivector. It seems that heat is momentum that is internal to the thing under consideration, so it could reasonably be a 0-vector (scalar). Then there is the expansion of something (think explosion) which seems like it could be regarded as trivector momentum. It would be interesting to try to combine the equations of fluid dynamics and perhaps find some neat multivector form for them.
There are some obvious problems with this plan. One is how to unify the various physical units. The other is that heat and momentum are torsors, so that it is only differences in values that matter.
Handling units seems likely to be tricky for any real world application of Geometric Algebra.

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You might want to check out The algebra of physical space.

Thanks. It’s amazing what Hellacious Satyrs get up to in their spare time (Hellacioussatyr is listed as the last to edit).