Join operator in expression evaluator

Hi, I’m trying to use the expression evaluator on to evaluate the expression “ (1e1 + 1e2) & (2e1+ 3e2)” on the 3D PGA setting.

I get the error message “
$(\mathbf{e}{1} + \mathbf{e}{2}) & (2\mathbf{e}{1}+ 3\mathbf{e}{2}) =0$”

I think I may be using the wrong character for the “V” operator, but I’m not sure what the correct character is.

Thank you!

The symbol is \vee or \vee and it is not an error, the answer is indeed (\mathbf{e}_{1} + \mathbf{e}_{2}) \vee(2\mathbf{e}_{1}+ 3\mathbf{e}_{2}) =0.

Ah, that makes sense. So the issue is a rendering issue, not a parsing issue.

Are you seeing the same unrendered output? I’d like to fix that for other users if possible. Is the code for on a public repo?

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