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Introduction to Topology towards GA

Hello, we are looking for a good source to understand a little more about topology with a taste towards GA. The reason is that sometimes we feel tempted to suppose other scenarios. For instance, instead of projecting (dual transformation) a directed volume to a plane, we feel tempted to “squash” (or rotate a side a bit then squash) the object suggesting non-vanishing of the linearly dependent elements. Also, we are puzzled with the thought of what sort of transformations (observed rotations) or operations (if any applicable) could be done with a punctured plane. We haven’t had any course in Topology. Thus, any source, just for fun, in topology which could spark our geometric imagination or provide a solid base for GA would be appreciated. Thank you!

It’s not Geometric Algebra, but it’s close. This material uses exterior algebra/calculus with a euclidean metric R(3,0,0). I don’t imagine the topology material would change much if it was full GA.