Intelligence agency gossip

It’s always interesting to observe how the intelligence agencies are reacting to my internet posts. it’s not difficult for me to notice that sometimes my internet posts cause propaganda outlets to propagandize (but they’ll never talk about me specifically). In fact, I am highly confident that I will not end up in the news for anything i do, because the intelligence agencies and propaganda outlets would not want to put me on the news. However, they do react to my internet posts with generic propaganda, which is noticable. I know it sounds a bit egotistical for me to think all this, but it’s not that difficult for me to see that propaganda outlets seem to react to some of my internet posts in a kind of generic propaganda way.

Basically, these are people whose job it is to gossip about people they consider a threat to their dominance. it’s not difficult to see the side effects of the gossip in the intelligence agencies, which gets expressed by propaganda outlets downstream.

I certainly make sure to give them PLENTY to gossip about, i hope they are wasting countless hours making worthless reports about endless internet posts, I have a very big backlog of. It keeps them distracted and busy doing worthless gossip.

You might have noticed that several propaganda outlets are now talking about “competitiveness, dominance” and similar topics… in the days after my post where I mentioned those things, in reaction to what I said. There’s some government-related podcasts and things like that talking about it, also some more generic podcasts then start bringing those topics up as well.

I like to take credit for that, this happens every now and then, they basically react to me but don’t ever mention me in the news specifically. It happens. It’s obvious and fascinating to me.

It’s not that it’s about me as a person, but they are reacting to the topics i mentioned. Not because they care about me specifically, but somehow things like that trickle down the intelligence agency propaganda.