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Hello and thank you for creating
My main interest is undergraduate physics (starting with mechanics) and I want to learn the physics within the framework of GA right from the beginning.
But both Hestenes and Lasenby presume a familiarity with freshman physics.
So how would I most efficiently go about learning GA for undergraduate physics?
I am considering MacDonald’s work, but he takes a theorem-proof approach and I have no one to check such work. I have considered using a proof assistant to compensate for the lack of an instructor, but that is a whole additional learning curve in itself…
Thank you for your time.

I’m interested in this, too, but from the point of view as someone who teaches this topic. I’m considering writing course notes teaching basic mechanics using GA (probably as PGA), but I’d gladly use existing notes if they exist.

[Or, if someone is interested in collaborating with me on this, please contact me.]

Thanks for the reply.
I have sent you an email.