Grassmann.jl v1.0 wishlist

As of v0.8.19 the Grassmann package is fundamentally feature complete, so the development is transitioning into a phase where finishing touches can be smoothed out without worrying about fundamental features.

  • v0.8 release series is complete, aside from minor possible improvements
  • v0.9 release series will provide an opportunity for internal API breaking changes
  • v1.0 release will be made when the v0.9 series finishing touches are completed

Users or contributors sincerely interested in using Grassmann may discuss what finishing touches are desirable for v1.0 release.

However, I am aware that nobody wants to help or contribute another person’s project. I don’t need anyone’s help, it is an open source project and you can learn by engaging and contributing to it.

I don’t enjoy writing these posts about how academia is terrible and blah blah … i would rather talk about science … but these academics dont care about science or contributing … they mainly care about gaslighting to overinflate their egos … so if that’s what it is then it needs to be said.

We all know, nobody is going to collaborate on Grassmann.jl so I’m just working on this for myself.

There is no such thing as “open source community” … or “academic community” … it’s all people who hate each other, because they’re jealous or whatever kind of low level human biological problems.

You are one of my heros for providing such a powerful tool, and it saves me a lot time when research into GA. It’s kind of sad for seeing beefs between you and Julia community. Hope you will get out of such situation sooner and wish you all the best.

You are mistaken, the situation will NEVER end, this is written in the permanent history of the universe.

The Julia community will NEVER in their lifetimes acknowledge their anti-open-source actions.

We are talking about academic bureaucrats here, these are people who will NEVER admit to being wrong or the harm they caused, because it would be bad for their inflated egos and career.

I do not expect the situation with the Julia community to ever get resolved while I am alive.

This is because we’re talking about academic bureaucrats … these aren’t scientists … these are humans beings busy with playing politics.

Nothing is ever going to change with regards to the Julia community, or any other academic community.

All academic communities are infested with non-scientists who are busy constructing the 21st century police state to imprison you and your thoughts in a permanent digital prison cell.

The governments, corporations, etc don’t want powerful technologies to exist openly in the public, because they want it privately for themselves. Don’t expect anything good or positive to happen, this is only the beginning, things can only get worse.

Only way this situation gets resolved is if the reputational damage to the Julia community for harming my project exceeds the personal political gains they have from harming my project.

Basically, open source software is 100% about ingroup vs outgroup politics and 0% science.

If you hope to change anything, then you need to work on causing significant reputational harm yo the Julia community for harming my project.

This is the only language these people speak. They will only respond to situations in a way that benefits their inflated egos and academic careers.

In order to change the situation with narcissists like this, the only option is to fight back by pointing out that these people are narcissists and not scientists.

We’re talking about Julia language community leaders here, these are people who wrote a 30 page Nazi Gestapo KGB dossier on me, to pass around privately among themselves to persecute me.

I never did read the gossip CIA government report about me, even though Julia language sent it to me.

These people didn’t want to “resolve” anything with me, they want the opposite, they wanted to exclude me and told me they don’t care if I ever come back.

Theoretically, I can supposedly rejoin the community after 6 months, but they do not respond or acknowledge my emails, whatever i say.

Not that I want to rejoin their community, i dont. Of course, I am disappointed that I am missing out on interactions and software discussions … but since they wrote a 30 page CIA gestapo KGB report to persecute me, I have no interest in associating to any Julia language community for the rest of my life.