Grassmann.jl supports Lengyel's pseudo-GA

Grassmann.jl has been updated with Eric Lengyel’s pseudo geometric algebra, pseudo here means pseudoscalar complemented. So if you’re interested in that formalism, Grassmann.jl fully supports all the nuances in definitions of @elengyel.

Thanks to @fractal97 for testing the new Grassmann.jl upgrades for bugs and reaching out.

Also, Grassmann.jl has received various other upgrades, which vastly improve the overall performance and convenience of using geometric algebra as the primary framework in Julia language.

If you are interested in these new features, you can reach out to me… I’m not going to mention everything here, but to sum up Grassmann.jl has been upgraded and it’s a whole new better Grassmann.jl experience now.

Most of the other people on this website are jealous haters and so on, so I wont bother going into any more details for that audience. Academia and industry is filled with nasty human beings and jealous people, I have yet to find a career doing mathematics. While the haters try to hate and the Stephen DeKenninck’s of the world try to suppress me, Grassmann.jl is forever a pioneering achievement in computational mathematics. I see many people imitating language design choices I made. People see my design and select parts to imitate, but when I started I had to pioneer these design choices from scratch. When the Grassmann.jl design came out, it was the first of its kind, now there are people imitating it.