Bug in autogenerated Python code


The Python code to download contains the line


This is wrong, since a - b != b - a. This is what happens with this line:

print(1 - E0)
-1 + 1e0

This is quite a serious problem which cost me quite some time, please fix it!


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Hi, I’m not the maintainer of that library, but I recommend you open this as an issue on their github repository. Bug reports should generally go on github.

Reproduced and reported as https://github.com/enkimute/ganja.js/issues/53 , working on a fix .

PR submitted as https://github.com/enkimute/ganja.js/pull/54 .

Thanks Phew,

Who could’ve guessed subtraction doesn’t commute ! :slight_smile: - bug fixed, github and downloads on bivector.net are updated.

Cheers !

Thank you for the fix!