Academia stockholm syndrome

Nothing about academia is about collaboration or friendship.

I know you are all a bunch of beginner childern on here and you need this stuff spelled out in letters, because you are incapable of voicing these insights yourselves, since your salary depends on not being able to perceive issues with academic institutions.

If you are an academic approaching me, I will automatically assume you are an enemy competitor who is trying to sociopathically manipulate me using fake friendship rituals.

Academia, by definition, is cut throat and backstabbing and behind your back politics.

No academic will be allowed to be friends with me, because your existence is defined by a competitive back stabbing academic institution.

Every incentive is for you to be my competitor.

A famous scientist from Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics tried to sociopathically manipulate me into teaching Grassmann.jl and then he right away turned around and created a clone imitation project and said we can never collaborate… even though he came to me and I gave him the necessary insight he didn’t have without me.

You could come up to me and try all sorts of friendship rituals on me. You could be Stephen Wolfram and celebrate my birthday together with me, which happened, and that doesn’t mean we’re going to be able to be friends. We are indirectly competitors, trying to achieve whatever.

It’s not gonna work, don’t try to be friends in industry.

It’s not all flowers and friendly community, it’s mostly competition and back stabbing and dirty politics.

People who are obsessed with this fake friendly, fake inclusivity; they are the most easily manipulated people, those are the naive people you can walk all over and take advantage of … because they are busy trying to please the system with fake friendly and fake inclusivity, unable to recognize that a sociopathic bureaucrat is manipulating and exploiting.

People like me, you can’t take advantage of me or exploit me or or sociopathically manipulate me, because I assume you are all my competitors.

I dont assume that you’re my friend, i KNOW that you would stab me in the back for the sake of your academic career.

An academic career is by definition built on competing against other people. The people who win at the bureaucratic game are the people who use the system to sociopathically manipulate situations.

It’s truly pathetic that people actually think academic institutions are friendly and inclusive, when the very definition of every bureaucrat career is sociopathy.

By definition academics are sociopaths and psychopaths, and they work very hard to generate propaganda to make it easy to dominate you.

Academic bureaucrats are the people who were chosen because they are the most easily dominated by politicians and sociopaths.

If you are an academic bureaucrat, I assume you are a sociopath who got the position because someone figured you are easy to dominate and manipulate.

People like me, there is a nearly 0% success chance of sociopathically manipulating me, and I am free to express myself without having anything to lose.

That’s why I am higher up on the dominance hiearchy, because I totally dominated the academic bureaucrats, … they are unable to stand against me on an intellectual basis, so they must take me dowm on a political basis to prevent themselves from losing ground to me.

That’s because they realized bureaucratic politics is the only advantage they have over other people. When they are unable to enforce their will on me, they have to conclude that I cannot be part of operations.

You are part of the academic operations because you are weak and have no resistance to it.

It’s called Stockholm syndrome, you are brainwashed.

If you need to play politics, then you are automatically a loser in my opinion, I don’t play those games, playing politics is really for the losers, not for winners like me.

Other people who are jealous will come along and play politics, when they arrive at the finish line later. So you see, politics is for the losers, not for the winners. It’s for the losers who are late to the party and need to play politics to become relevant.

It’s a part of the Stockholm syndrome behavior.