Narcissism + dishonesty = pathology

Nothing wrong with being self centered as long as you are honest and realistic about it, not presenting a false and fake persona to manipulate your career advancement at the expense and harm to others.

I never pretended to be your friend, I’m always up front about who I am.

In academia, you find a high concentration of dishonest narcisssists who manipulate a false image of themselves.

There is no prestige in being a dishonest and playing dirty.

You’re not a scientist if you can’t handle being open and honest, instead of avoiding confrontation of your mathematical contradictions and mistakes, which you are spreading to a big audience and misleading people with.

I’m certainly not avoiding being confronted about mistakes I make, but Stephen DeKenninck, Leo Dorst, Chris Doran, these type of people are entirely avoiding being confronted about mistakes in their papers.